Now or never!

As off 2015, a new concessional contract for Berlin’s electricity distribution grid will be deciding on who answers for sustainable grid operations in Germany’s capital over the next decades. We have a unique opportunity: citizens join to buy the grid, use profits wisely and shape the future of our energy system.
We are buying the grid! Join us now: Citizens shape the Berlin electricity grid.

The Goal

Citizens control the grid
Citizens should shape the energy infrastructure and the establishment of a sustainable energy system. We strive to democratize decision-making in the energy system, empowering citizens to participate in designing the electricity sector and the grid.
Renewables for the City
Only if we improve the energy grid will it be possible to shift to a 100% renewable energy supply. We seek to support the grid integration of renewable energies and invest part of the grid earnings in projects of a sustainable energy system.
Sustainable Profits
Grid operations in Berlin regularly entail considerable profits for the current concessionaire, Vattenfall. We think that citizens should benefit directly from grid earnings. This promotes regional investments – Berlin and its citizens stand to gain. This is also true for every shareholder of the cooperative: energy grids provide for safe investment opportunities and a reliable yield.

The Way

We are moving together
Buying the electricity grid is expensive. But together we can afford this expense, if many join with smaller and larger shares. Our numbers will decide.
We will become the concessionaire
Soon, the Berlin senate will decide on who will operate the grid for the following 20 years. We have already entered the run for grid operator. Our potential is both in participation and money. For the city of Berlin, a cooperative is an attractive option, also as a partner of communal or independent private grid operators.
We are making history
As the future concessionary, we do not only want to take over the grid but also retain the jobs of current employees in grid operation. Together we will promote and ensure grid operations and investments that are both sustainable and reliable. And, just like that, we will place the country’s largest distribution grid in the hands of its citizens: A bright shining light towards a future proof energy system shaped by the people.

Be a part of it

Become a member
I am in from the very start!
Become a member of the cooperative BürgerEnergie Berlin eG and support our claim for buying the grid. As a member, you hold shares and shape the cooperative’s strategy with your vote. Membership declarations and all further info here.
Become a trustor
If this works out, I’m in!
You want to support our project of buying the grid, but do not want to take any risks just yet? As a trustor, your money is safely stored in a trust account. If we sign a concessional contract, your money turns into shares of the cooperative. If we don’t, your money is returned. Trustorship declarations and all further info here.
Become a supporter
I want to help!
Only if we succeed in joining together many people can we achieve our goal. You can help! Tell your friends about our idea, become a part of our campaign team or support us with a donation. All further info here.

More questions?

Contact us!
BürgerEnergie Berlin eG
EUREF-Campus 16, Torgauer Str. 12–15
10829 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 577 036 390
Fax: +49 30 577 036 399

Donations Account:
IBAN: DE96430609671133776800
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

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